Albert Einstein Academy


Albert Einstein Academy is a Jewish Day School that instills a love for learning, places a high value on academic achievement, and encourages students to give back to their communities. The mission of Albert Einstein Academy is to educate students with a challenging, integrated curriculum of general and Judaic Studies in a nurturing environment that fosters inquisitive learners, critical thinkers and dynamic leaders. Respect for the individual is anchored in the belief that G-d is in every person. 
In addition to mathematics, science, social studies and the humanities, students are taught Jewish Studies and Hebrew. Learning another language at an early age stimulates a child at both an emotional and logical level, and the Jewish Studies program has been known to transform families. Each year, the teachers integrate the curriculum around a common theme. 
At Albert Einstein Academy, teaching is focused on active learning and creativity. The Academy takes pride in its thriving arts program in theatre, music and the visual arts. All of the children are involved in school events, including plays, art shows, dance productions, and other creative programs. Our individual approach to education, emphasis on creativity, and nurturing environment support the development of each child’s identity.
Albert Einstein Academy is a welcoming community where an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust fosters close and comfortable communication with families. We graduate students who go on to be successful, both academically and professionally, and who give back to their communities in many wonderful positive ways.  
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We could not be happier with our daughter’s experience thus far at Albert Einstein Academy.  She has grown with each challenge and experience she encounters.  Her learning of Hebrew, Jewish tradition and teachings have instilled in her a strong sense of justice, responsibility and ethics that will guide her for the rest of her life.  At the same time, her math, science, reading and writing skills have progressed at a tremendous rate, and each time she masters something, a new challenge is presented, keeping her constantly stimulated.  She has also been thoroughly enriched in art, music and drama with programs that truly engage the children and inspire amazing creativity and performances.  For us, AEA is not just a school but a community that we have grown to love and are proud to be members.  Our son cannot wait to start kindergarten this fall!

- Sarah and Jonathan Perry