Young Leadership

15/30 Giving Program: Your Small Change Can Change the World!

You can make a difference in the world just by making a change in your giving habits. Think of all the fun things we spend money on as young adults – numerous cups of coffee, clothes, music, movies, and more. By donating $15 or $30 a month, the equivalent to a new shirt or a nice dinner, we can change the world. For those of us just starting to fit tzedakah into our lives, this is an easy way to start a lifetime of giving. Your $15 or $30 monthly donation has the power to do amazing work throughout the world. Together, we can do extraordinary things.



Ben-Gurion Society



The Ben-Gurion Society (BGS) is founded on the principles of David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of the State of Israel.  BGS embodies Ben-Gurion's legacy, that young men and women use their vision and combine their power, passion and resources to build a strong and responsible Jewish community at home, in Israel, and around the world – through leadership development, networking opportunities and special events.  BGS members are donors, ages 25-45, who give a minimum gift of $1,000/year to the Annual Campaign.


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