By volunteering with Federation, the Jewish values of compassion, charity, generosity and responsibility inspire us to improve the quality of life for people in our community, in Israel and in over 70 countries every day.
Each of us can make a difference, acting on our own… But, it’s equally true that together we can change the world!
TOGETHER we work to improve Jewish lives
TOGETHER we feed hungry Jews at home and abroad
TOGETHER we protect at-risk populations in Israel from falling between the cracks of society
TOGETHER we connect Jews with one another and with the greater Jewish world

Federation is about the commitment of an entire community to repair the world, care for the vulnerable, ensure a Jewish future and enhance and strengthen Jewish life. It is about building a vital and vibrant community that inspires generations to come. Whether the task is educating our youth, reducing poverty and hunger, rescuing and resettling new immigrants, or spurring Jewish renaissance worldwide, the Federation is the one place that belongs to every Jew, the place where volunteerism and a shared commitment come together to make a difference, to repair the world.

What's In It For You: The Less Tangible Benefits of Giving
Tzedakah (a Hebrew word) literally means justice or righteousness... What's In It For You: Less Tangible Benefits of Giving. By giving of your time, wisdom and expertise you are helping Jewish people at home, in Israel and around the world. We offer an extensive array of volunteer opportunities across all areas that address our mission to mobilize the Jewish community to address issues, meet needs and build an agenda for the future. Whether you have one hour or seek an ongoing opportunity to volunteer, we can help you find your place within Federation.
For volunteer opportunities within Jewish Federation of Delaware, please call (302)427-2100. 
Donate. Volunteer. Make a Difference.