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Book Of Life


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Delaware Jewish Community Book of Life?

The Delaware Jewish Community Book of Life program honors donors who have formalized their gift for the benefit of our Create A Jewish Legacy partner organization’s endowment funds These individuals who sign the Book of Life made a commitment during their lifetime, or through a bequest, that a portion of their estate will remain at the Jewish Federation of Delaware’s Jewish Fund for the Future as an endowment.

What is included on my page?

A personal statement and a photo.

Personal statements reflect histories, hopes, values and visions of the Book of Life signers. The pages serve as a communal philanthropic archive enabling future generations to read about those who helped our Jewish community thrive.

Digital photo of the people included in your page. i.e. your family, yourself, or the person you are creating the page for if you are doing it in memory of someone. Your photograph should be in 300 DPI, High Resolution, .jpg format. Please insure that you have the right to publish the picture that you use. By signing this form, you are guaranteeing that you have the rights to re-produce the photo that you attach.

Who may inscribe a page?

Individuals who formalized with Create A Jewish legacy or are community Founders who Created A Jewish Legacy prior to September 1, 2014, are welcome to contribute a page as well. If they inscribed our previous Book of Life from 2008, they are welcome to create a new page. We will continue to cherish the previous Book of Life that remains in the Jewish Federation of Delaware’s office.

How do I prepare my personal statement?

Your statement of 250 – 500 words should help future readers understand what motivated you to make your permanent endowment. Example Statements and a list of Questions to Consider as your write are available below. If you're ready to submit, download the fillable Book of Life Page PDF. If you would like additional guidance in composing your page, please contact Shari Dym, Create A Jewish Legacy Program Manager, at 302-427-2100.

When will my page be completed and ready for inclusion in the Book of Life?

All legacy donors who submit their completed page by Friday September 17, 2019 will be included in the launch of the book and will also be posted online on November 21, 2019.  We are unable to guarantee the inclusion of pages received after this date. After the initial launch, pages will be updated monthly to include donors who have formalized their legacy gift and completed a page for entry.

Where can I view the Delaware Jewish Community Book of Life?

The Delaware Jewish Community Book of Life will be housed in the Jewish Federation of Delaware’s office. The electronic version is available HERE.

Sample Statements

My parents taught me how to save. They were children of the depression and first-generation Americans. They taught me to give not only money, but time. My mother believed strongly that “only Jews give to Jews.” I believe this to be true and have followed this belief in my charitable giving. I was gifted an education by my parents which allowed me to make a difference in this world. I think back on my career with great satisfaction and thankfulness that I was given the opportunity to be there for people in a time of need. It was an honor and a blessing.


I sign the Jewish Community’s Book of Life knowing that this decision will guarantee financial support to the Jewish people in our area and around the world. It feels good to know that I can create a lasting legacy for myself in many areas of our community that will continue in perpetuity.


L’Dor V’Dor! From generation to generation, our parents have served as a shining example of what it is to make use of our God given talents. Our life’s journey should be enriched with a commitment to our faith, our community and the state of Israel. Our legacy should be one that embraced the love of Torah and human kindness, one that empowered and inspired others along our path to choose peace and prosperity and upheld our enduring strength as a Jewish people paving the way for future generations to thrive. Our family proudly enters their endowment into the Book of Life to help create a better world for those to come.


The dictionary defines the word “heritage” as the traditions, achievements, beliefs, etc., that are part of the history of a group or nation. Such as the Israelites, I thank my forefathers for my heritage and the seeds they have sown for me. I have been blessed in countless ways with good health, good fortune and a wonderful and loving family and many other blessings.


The donation that I made to create an endowment is to honor my heritage and to continue to grow “The Giving Tree” so others who follow may enjoy the benefit from the future fruit of the tree. And the hope is that my children and their children will continue the tradition of giving for others to be