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Ceil and Walter Roth

Ceil & Walter Roth Philanthropy Fund

    About 34 years ago Walter Roth and Cecile Ackerman met at a singles house party at the home of their mutual friend. The evening was delightful.  As it turned out, we were amazed when we found out that Walter had gone to the flea market in Englishtown, N.J., where I grew up, from the time he was 8 until he turned 18 and I knew the cousins he had stayed with.  What a coincidence.  We were surprised at how many things we had in common.  We were both Jewish, regular shul goers, kept kosher, among other things.  Our first marriages were the same year, 5 weeks apart and our sons, both named Adam, were born 5 weeks apart.  So that’s a little bit of our history.
    For the future, we are dedicated to ensuring our families and all Jews in the area will be able to participate in Judaism in a meaningful way.   Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist or Reform, each has its followers and each plays a role in providing the Jewish people of Delaware with what they need to feel fulfilled religiously.  The cost of the building, the utilities/insurance, etc., the rabbi, the staff are extremely costly.  Dues and fundraising can only cover part of these.  That is why whether you leave $1000 or $100,000 to one of the institutions, it is so important.  We implore you to do something.


- Ceil and Walter Roth