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Constance S. Kreshtool

Constance S. Kreshtool Philanthropic Fund

I came into this world with riches beyond compare. Loving and generous parents who provided a family atmosphere of respect and responsibility that has served as a model throughout my life. They took the ethical teachings of our Jewish tradition very seriously and applied them throughout their lives. They honored their parents with their regular visits and gifts. They shared a deep concern for their community. My dad built a successful business always treating his employees as family. The rabbis turned to him when there was a family in need, and he always responded in full measure. My mother’s love of learning, her active participation in community activities and assistance to the unfortunate made Torah, Tzedakah and Gemutlich Hasidim an everyday lesson in our household. I am honored to carry on their legacy with a lasting contribution to my community. 

-Constance S. Kreshtool