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Felisha and Gary Alderson

Felisha & Gary Alderson Philanthropy Fund

   As a little girl, my mother and father instilled in me a love for Judaism, and taught me the importance of caring for others both physically and philanthropically.  It did not matter how much tzedakah we gave, my sister and I just learned that it was our responsibility to give!  I understood at this young age it was my responsibility to provide for others less fortunate, in whatever way possible.  I have shared this value with my husband and my children.  I am so proud that they have embraced this obligation of giving and caring for others, with open arms. OUR legacy gifts will ensure there is Jewish culture, Jewish history, Jewish education, Jewish services, and a Jewish community in Delaware and around the world, for many years to come.  L’Dor V’Dor – From generation to generation!  That is our legacy!

- Felisha, Gary, Paige & Max Alderson