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Judith and Max Rosenberg

Beau Biden with Group of Kids

Judith and Max Rosenberg Family Fund

We moved to Wilmington over 30 years ago, and have come to call it home.  We raised three sons, Jason, Russell and Joseph, who have grown into men, grounded in Jewish tradition and knowledge.  Their Jewish educations and foundations were forged and nurtured at Adas Kodesch Shel Emeth, the same synagogue in which Judi’s father, Joseph Tannen, had grown up and been Bar Mitzvahed.  Four generations have called Wilmington home, going back to the turn of the last century.

The Jewish community and institutions that make up Wilmington are the result of the work, sweat and sacrifices of individuals and families that have come before us.  Our hope is that the Jewish community that we joined and love will continue to grow and become even stronger in the future, so that future generations of Wilmingtonians can enjoy an environment that is rich in Jewish knowledge and experience.

- Judith and Max Rosenberg