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Every week has a different theme Monday thru Thursday, Sunday will be an activity to do with your family, Friday will be a day to make Challah in preparation for Shabbat, and Saturday will have an activity for Havdalah.

Select an age group to see the calendar and a description of each activity!

Ages 0-2 years

Ages 3-5 years

Ages 6-8 years

PJ Our Way (ages 9-11 years)

Week 1:
For this week, activities will be based on the upcoming July 4th holiday. July 4th celebrates freedom and independence, things that we as Jews celebrate other times of the year. On Passover we celebrate our freedom after being slaves in Egypt. On Yom Ha'atzmaut we celebrate Israel's
Independence day. Here is our chance to celebrate the freedomĀ and independence of the United States. Many times fireworks are used to celebrate and we proudly share the red, white, and blue colors. These activities, and snacks, are a fun way to celebrate as well.

Week 2:
This weeks activities are based on Tevah, nature. On the holiday of Tu B'shvat we spend time celebrating nature by planting trees, eating fruit, and many more activities. Here is a chance to enjoy nature around you!

Week 3:
This week we will enjoy activities that have to do with Israel. Hearing the anthem, seeing what the map of Israel looks like, learning the science behind the Dead Sea, exploring like archaeologists, and enjoying a yummy treat.

Week 4:
This week we are all about sticking together and be stronger together. Tape does just that! Tape helps to bring two things together and can help to reinforce something to make it stronger. All the activities this week will use tape.

Week 5:
Time to celebrate winter in July! Winter in hebrew is Choref. Some fun activites here will help bring the cold out to play!